How to Prepare Homes for Sale in Edmonton Alberta for Wildfire Season

Homes for Sale in Edmonton Alberta

This year, Alberta could be in for a risky wildfire season. The province has been experiencing a dry spring which is leaving fire experts concerned about the fire season ahead. In a CBC article, Fire Chief Joe Zatylny noted that there have been more than 145 wildfires in Edmonton this year. However, the fire department is particularly concerned about the river valley. As a result, many resources are being allocated to this area to help protect and prevent wildfire-related events in this part of Edmonton. Despite this, residents living in the river valley are advised to have a 72-hour emergency kit ready in case of evacuation. In lieu of the dry spring, this article will be focused on how you can prepare homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta for fire season. Follow along below to learn more!

Preparing Homes for Sale in Edmonton Alberta for Fire Season

As you look towards preparing homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta for fire season, there are several things that can be done to help protect your property. A common principle for assessing the risk of your home catching fire is the home ignition zone (HIZ). The HIZ outlines some of the ways that homes ignite following the effects of radiant heat. This zone is split into three sub-zones called the immediate zone, intermediate zone and extended zone. 

The immediate zone is the area 0-5 feet from your home. This is the most important zone to take action since it’s the most vulnerable to embers. To fireproof this area of your home, you should begin by cleaning your roof and gutters. Next, replace any loose or missing shingles that could allow embers to penetrate into your home. Another standard practice is to install metal mesh screens in the vents of your eaves to reduce the likelihood of embers passing through. It’s also a good idea to move any flammable materials away from your home. For example, stacks of firewood, flammable plants, or excess leaves. Additionally, remove items stored beneath decks or porches. 

After addressing the immediate zone, focus on the intermediate zone, which extends 5-30 feet from your home. To prepare this area it’s important to employ careful landscaping/hardscaping that can help decrease fire behaviour. For instance, clearing vegetation from under propane tanks, keeping lawns and grasses short, removing vegetation under trees, spacing trees apart from one another and incorporating hardscape materials to add breaks in fuel. 

Finally, is the extended zone (the area 30-100 feet from your home). The goal in this area is the keep flames smaller and on the ground. This can be done by removing debris and ensuring space between vegetation.

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