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Before you make the move to Erin Ridge real estate, it is important that you craft a budget. Moving can be costly and overwhelming, and having a budget can help ease some of these worries. With proper planning, you can save lots of money and reduce stress. Generally speaking, local moves cost about $300-$1500. And, a long-distance move can be anywhere from $2,500-5,000. These estimates are all dependent on how far you’re traveling and how much stuff you need to move. Creating a budget is a good first step in any move—long-distance, or short.

Follow along below to learn how to make an accurate moving budget.

What to Factor Into Your Erin Ridge Real Estate Moving Budget?

There is so much to consider in your moving budget. The first step is to take inventory of what you are going to be moving. For example, furniture, clothes, personal items, vehicles, tools, etc. Start by taking note of the things that you might need help with like large pieces of furniture or appliances. Then work your way down to the small stuff like clothing, personal items, toiletries, etc. Make a checklist for each room so that you avoid missing anything. 

Next, you need to create an outline for your budget. This will look different depending on whether you are moving your things or hiring a moving company. If you are hiring a moving company create a T-chart with the following labels on one side:

  • moving rates
  • packing services
  • moving insurance
  • specialty item packing services
  • hidden fees
  • unpacking services
  • and a contingency fee of 5-10%


Then, fill in these costs with the information from the moving company you are hiring.

Contrastively, if you are moving, then you’ll want to add these labels to your chart:

  • truck rental
  • gas
  • moving insurance
  • furniture insurance
  • moving equipment rental
  • packing materials
  • and contingency fee of 5-10%

Research how much each of these items will cost and fill in the other side of the chart. 

These are just a few of the things you need to consider in your moving budget. If you would like additional help with your budget, feel free to contact me today! I’d be happy to help you during your move to Erin Ridge real estate. For more information on properties in the area, be sure to reach out. I look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals!

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