St. Albert Real Estate Is in One of the Best Small Cities!

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St. Albert real estate is located in one of the best small cities in all of Canada. A recent report on the best small cities in Canada was done by Resonance Consultancy. They ranked St. Albert as the 14th best small city in the country. This firm ranks cities that have populations under 200,000. Moreover, all rankings are based upon six key features. For more information on St. Albert’s top 20 rankings, continue reading the article below.

St. Albert Real Estate is #14 in Canada!

St. Albert real estate has recently been found to be in one of the top 20 rankings for small cities in Canada! Additionally, the top three rankings were Victoria, B.C, Kelowna, B.C, and Kingston, Ont. Furthermore, Resonance Consultancy based its ranking upon six major categories which included: place, programming, prosperity, product, people, and promotion. 

The definition of these categories are as follows:

Place: The quality of weather, safety, traffic, air quality, parks & outdoor spaces, and landmarks in a city.

Programming: This category includes the number of family-friendly activities, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping options a city has.

Prosperity: Prosperity was measured by the median household income, employment rate, income equality, home ownership rating, self-employment rate, and poverty rate in a city.

Product: Product is ranked based upon a city’s airport connectivity, education, health care, bike paths, and museums/arts institutions.

People: This category focuses on the number of young adults, people with bachelor’s degrees, people who have moved from other areas, people who are employed in knowledge-based occupations, and population growth in a city. 

Promotion: Lastly, promotion focuses on the number of Facebook Check-ins, Google searches, TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram hashtags, and Google trends in a city. 

Overall, St. Albert ranked well in all six categories. Thus, landing the city in the fourteenth position in all of Canada. Moreover, St. Albert was ranked fourth best out of 25 cities in the prosperity category!

If you are interested in buying St. Albert real estate, contact me today! I’d be happy to help you find an awesome property in this incredible city. For more information on houses in the area, feel free to reach out at any time. Finally, be sure to check out my social media here for the latest updates and more. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

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