How to list houses for sale in St.Albert Alberta during a seller’s market!

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Have you ever wondered how we list houses for sale in St.Albert, Alberta during a seller’s market? Here are a few things to consider when listing your home for sale in the height of a seller’s market. I invite you to reach out to me once you’ve read the information below so that we can perform a free home evaluation. 

A home evaluation will give you a good idea of where your home and property are valued in today’s demanding real estate market.  By obtaining a free market evaluation on your home in St.Albert you’ll discover what your home is worth compared to others. By setting this value correctly we can drive the number of competing offers which will directly affect the final sale price of your home. 

What else should you know about listing your house for sale during a seller’s market? 

How long will a seller’s market last? 

This is a great question, but unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer. A seller’s market exists solely due to demand. Demand for real estate typically increases due to a lack of inventory, low-interest rates, or an influx of buyers to a particular neighbourhood

In most cases, these factors can culminate making the perfect recipe for fewer days on the market and higher returns.   When there is pent-up demand from buyers you can expect to receive multiple offers in a shorter period of time. Seller’s markets can be fleeting, so timing your sale is important if you want to take advantage of the odds. 

What else can you do to attract great offers in a seller’s market?

It’s true that almost everything priced properly in a seller’s market will receive multiple offers. While this is frustrating for a buyer on the other end, it’s welcome from sellers who are looking to make a quick move. 

Sellers should work closely with their REALTOR® to ensure that their home is priced correctly. However, pricing isn’t the only thing required to make your home stand out. You will also want to incorporate some tried and true marketing techniques to make sure your home sees the attention it deserves. 

This means that your home needs to go through a thorough cleaning. Whether you choose to do this on your own time or hire a professional company on your behalf it’s an important step. A clean home is easy to show and more attractive to potential buyers. You can expect that a clean home will fetch you a higher offer. 

When your home looks grimey it carries the illusion that it hasn’t been cared for. This might prompt potential buyers to demand a home inspection, or question other things. When your home is clean and in great repair some buyers might be willing to look past this important step, especially in a seller’s market.

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Stage your home to create value!

Another great option to move your home quickly is to start your move early! Start getting rid of furniture and knick-knacks that are cluttering your space. Sell or donate, but making more room will allow a buyer to imagine the space as their own. 

Keep the surrounding property clean from debris and garbage. That curb appeal will still be extremely important for attracting buyers and higher offers. Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean that you can’t create FOMO (fear of missing out!). If you aren’t sure where to start and stop get in touch with me. I would be happy to recommend staging companies that can help you get the most value out of your home. 

When should you list houses for sale in St.Albert, Alberta?

I like to go live whenever you’re ready to go live. Listing your home for sale shouldn’t be a huge disruption to your lifestyle. If we can go live with your listing on a Friday – all the better. People are generally in a good mood with the weekend approaching and weekends are prime house hunting times. 

Since it’s a seller’s market we can also limit the number of showings to increase competition. Scheduling showings grouped together on one day of the week increases the demand for offers. This is especially true for buyers who have been searching and have lost out on other homes.

What should you look for when the offers come in?

There are a few factors to consider when entertaining multiple offers on your house for sale. Factors like closing dates, subjects, financing, and deposit should all be considered, along with the price. As your REALTOR® I will thoroughly review each offer with you in detail. We will consider which offer works best for you. 

While it might be tempting to select the offer that is the highest, we also want to make sure we choose the most viable offer. An offer that is subject to the sale of another property, or one that still requires financing approval is less than ideal because it has a higher potential to fail. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the offers and only select the offer that has the most potential for closing. 

Get moving today with Corinne O’Neil

If you have a house in St.Albert that you’ve tried to list and sell before then now might be the time to try again. If your home is difficult to sell or unique in its own right, then you might want to give it a shot during a seller’s market. The demand is high and the inventory is low. Interest rates will be on the rise, but comparatively speaking they are still low. 

Contact me now if you want to list your home for sale and let’s talk about your options!